For ALL games please enter through the Hope Skate doors located at the north end of The Hope Center for Kids building.

Hope Skate 2220 N 20th St Omaha, NE 68110 


March 20

5:15pm Los Primos  vs.  YouTurn

6:15pm Ambassadors  vs.  MAYS

7:15pm Hope Center  vs.  Lynx 

Bye: Omaha Bulls

March 27

5:15pm Omaha Bulls  vs.  YouTurn

6:15pm Hope Center vs.  Los Primos

7:15pm MAYS  vs.  Lynx

Bye: Ambassadors

April 3

5:15pm Omaha Bulls  vs.  Los Primos

6:15pm Lynx  vs.  YouTurn

7:15pm Ambassadors vs.  Hope Center


April 10

5:15pm Ambassadors  vs.  Lynx

6:15pm Omaha Bulls  vs.  Hope Center

7:15pm MAYS  vs.  YouTurn 

Bye: Los Primos

April 17

5:15pm Omaha Bulls  vs.  Lynx

6:15pm Ambassadors  vs.  Los Primos

7:15pm Hope Center  vs.  MAYS 

Bye: YouTurn

April 24

5:15pm Los Primos  vs.  Lynx

6:15pm Ambassadors  vs.  YouTurn

7:15pm Omaha Bulls  vs.  MAYS 

Bye: Hope Center

May 1

5:15pm Ambassadors  vs.  Omaha Bulls

6:15pm MAYS  vs.  Los Primos

7:15pm Hope Center  vs.  YouTurn 

Bye: Lynx

May 8

5:15pm Omaha Bulls  vs.  Lynx

6:15pm Ambassadors  vs.  Los Primos

7:15pm Hope Center  vs.  MAYS 

Bye: YouTurn

May 15 Playoffs

May 22 Championship

VBA Session 20

January 29

5:15pm MAYS  vs.  Unranked  Skate

6:15pm The O.NE  vs.  YouTurn 1  Skate

6:30pm Boss Hogz  vs.  Hope Center  Hope Gym

7:15pm Hoopin' Homies  vs.  Northside Ballerz  Skate

7:30pm HH & Co  vs.  You Turn 2  Hope Gym

Bye: Hoop Story

February 5 ALL game canceled due to weather

February 12

5:15pm Boss Hogz  vs.  YouTurn2 Skate

6:15pm HH & Co.  vs.  Hoopin' Homies  Skate

6:30pm Hoop Story vs.  The O.NE  Hope Gym

7:15pm Unranked  vs.  YouTurn1  Skate

7:30pm MAYS  vs.  Northside Ballerz Hope Gym

Bye: Hope Center

February 19 NO GAMES President's Day

February 26

5:15pm Boss Hogz  vs.  Hoop Story  Skate

6:15pm HH & Co.  vs.  Northside Ballerz Skate

6:30pm Hoopin' Homies  vs.  YouTurn1  Hope Gym

7:15pm Hope Center vs.  The O.NE  Skate

7:30pm MAYS  vs.  YouTurn 2 Hope Gym

Bye: Unranked

March 5

5:15pm Hope Center  vs.  YouTurn1   Skate

6:15pm Hoop Story  vs.  Northside Ballerz  Skate

6:30pm Boss Hogz  vs.  MAYS  Hope Gym

7:15pm Hoopin' Homies  vs.  Unranked  Skate

7:30pm HH & Co.  vs.  The O.NE Hope Gym

Bye: YouTurn2

March 12

5:15pm The O.NE  vs.  YouTurn2   Skate

6:15pm HH & Co.  vs.  MAYS  Skate

6:30pm Hoop Story  vs.  YouTurn1  Hope Gym

7:15pm Boos Hogz vs.  Unranked  Skate

7:30pm Hoopin' Homies vs.  Hope Center Hope Gym

Bye:  Northside Ballerz

March 19

5:15pm Hoop Story  vs.  Hoopin' Homies   Skate

6:15pm Hope Center  vs.  Unranked  Skate

6:30pm Northside Ballerz  vs.  The O.NE  Hope Gym

7:15pm YouTurn1  vs.  YouTurn2  Skate

7:30pm Boss Hogz  vs.  HH & Co. Hope Gym


March 26

5:15pm Northside Ballerz  vs.  Unranked   Skate

6:15pm Hoop Story  vs.  YouTurn2  Skate

6:30pm  Boss Hogz  vs.  The O.NE  Hope Gym

7:15pm  Hoopin' Homies  vs.  MAYS   Skate

7:30pm Hope Center  vs.  HH & Co. Hope Gym

Bye: YouTurn1 

April 2 Games originally scheduled for Feb 5th

5:15pm Hope  vs.  Northside Ballerz Skate

6:15pm Hoopin Homies  vs.  The O.NE  Skate

6:30pm Unranked  vs.  Youturn2 Hope Gym

7:15pm MAYS  vs.  Hoop Story  Skate

7:30pm Boss Hogz  vs.  Youturn1  Hope Gym

Bye: HH & Co.

April 9 Playoffs

April 16 Championship


  • Each player must complete a waiver before they’re eligible to play in any session game.
  • Coaches and referees must have a background check completed by The Hope Center for Kids.

For questions or to complete your background check, please contact Katie Paul, at or (402) 341-4673 x1051.

VBA and Jr. VBA

Through the collaborative work of Omaha 360 community partners, the Village Basketball Alliance was formed in 2011, to provide a community league where young people, from different neighborhoods, could have a positive, healthy competition with the support of caring adult role models. An unanticipated outcome of the Village Basketball Alliance was the longevity in participation. Many of the league’s original participants are now in their 20s and have become increasingly positive role models to the youth in our community. League partners noticed the need to provide an additional opportunity to younger participants. In 2016, the Jr. Village Basketball Alliance hosted its first session with over 45 youth participants, ages 14-19.

Every session, the Village Basketball Alliance, strives to achieve the following goals for each youth and young adult participating in the league.

Skill Development
Each youth and young adult will develop and strengthen healthy social skills, including teamwork, communication, accepting decisions, following instructions and competitive sportsmanship.

Bonding Effects
Each youth and young adult will experience the support, care and security of positive adult relationships, in which they feel a strong bond. Youth and young adults will form new relationships with other league participants.

Protective Effects
Each youth and young adult will experience safety and security during league play.