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May 11, Friday – Totes Packed | Open to volunteers

June 18-September 10, Monday Village Basketball Alliance Session 21

June 26-September 11, Tuesday Jr Village Basketball Alliance Session 6

July 3, Tuesday – Jr Village Basketball Alliance Session 6 NO GAMES

July 3, Tuesday –  Willz Grill (Members and families only)

July 4, Wednesday – Omaha & Fremont CLOSED

July 8-14, Sunday-Saturday – Kids Across America Camp

July 12, Thursday –  Volunteer Orientation (contact ejulsen@hopecenterforkids.com)

July 19, Thursday – Hope-Fremont Family Night (Members and families only)

July 20, Friday – Hope-Omaha Lunch and Learn

July 30-August 3 – Hope-Fremont Membership Renewal

July 30-August 3 – Summer Lunch Program & Hope Fremont SHORT Program Days

Are you interested in finding out more about a membership at the hope center for kids ?

Stop into one of our locations to pick up a Membership Application or call 402-341-4673.

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Important Forms

Important Forms


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